Friday, December 27, 2019

Even ISIS doesn't believe the koran

It is my belief that the koran is nothing more than the ramblings of a pedophile whose brain was damaged by tertiary syphilis. It contradicts itself, and while muslims claim a link to the Abrahamic tests, the first five books of the Bible, they completely deny all that is in them.
It now appears as if the hardline muzzies in ISIS don't put much faith in the teachings either. According to the drivel in the Satanic Verses, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should now be enjoying his 72 virgins, or more probably the 24 supple young boys. They should b celebrating that he got his worthless ass killed in an American raid to capture or kill him.
What do they do to show appreciation? on Christmas Day, they beheaded ten men in Nigeria and shot an eleventh.
So much for gratitude, you'd think they would still be celebrating his departure. Then again, since he blew himself to smithereens, and only managed to obliterate a few of his own brats in the process, he may not have qualified for the sex cult rewards program.
Heaven now has ten martyrs beheaded for their faith. Are they beneath  the alter crying out "how long oh LORD until you avenge us?"
While Satan's followers are busy slaughtering Christians in Africa, and invading Europe, others of his disciples here are busy doing all in their power to disarm us so we will be impotent to stop them when their numbers hit critical mass here.
History shows that once they get close to 10% of a nation's population, it becomes game on and hell is in session. How many did Barry import? Don't forget, they breed like roaches when they don't have goats to screw. Yup, we're screwed, but you knew that already if you read the Bible. We lose, but GOD wins.

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