Thursday, December 19, 2019

families are off limits???

Ditzy Debbie Dingle is upset that while she was voting to impeach President Trump for committing no crime, he was in her home state making jokes about her late husband being in hell. It is possible, it is a truth that hurts, to know that a family member who spent their life rejecting GOD, Jesus, and the love they offer is not spending eternity in their presence.
Some say that maybe the President should not have said what he said. I don't know, was it a true off the cuff remark? He has made some brilliant ones. More often it seems to me, he is carefully scripted in what he says. While he appears to have no filter, it is actually highly regulated, carefully crafted, and precisely targeted. He is like a sniper taking a shot through a tornado, in the middle of a hurricane, and hitting a target half the size of the bullet precisely dead center at the maximum possible range of the weapon chosen, and doing so while bother are being tossed about on tsunami like waves in different directions. And he does it time after time.
So Debbie thinks family should be off limits. Does that include Barron Trump and the nasty remarks made during the shampeachment mock hearing? What about Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner? Are they similarly off limits?
What about Hunter Biden and the bribes he received through Barisma Holdings? Kickbacks made by Ukraine as a term of receiving money they desperately needed to fend off Russian advances?
What about the children of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Shiff, John Kerry and Willard Romney who also appear to have received kickback money from Ukraine, China, and other nations who sought to influence American political actions? Does Debbie want to protect them? I'm betting that she wants to protect only liberal families.
When despicable Debbie is the first to denounce an attack on the President's family, or better yet, to denounce attacks against people who attend campaign rallies, then I will consider her demand that families be off limits.
Verbal attacks on children have been around for decades. The first I remember were comments about how Chelsie Clinton was the poster child for abortion on demand. At the time we didn't know her mother's preferred method of birth control was the knife. And today we see what a beautiful woman she has not become. Then again, beauty is only skin deep, her ugliness comes from her very core. Just like her mom.
As for Dingle, if you want to be a thin skinned crybaby, stay out of politics. find a nice hole, crawl in and pull it in after you. And if you think what adults say about kids is bad,what they say about each other aint one bit better.

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