Sunday, December 8, 2019

I don't agree with strip searching an 8 year old... BUT

An unnamed child was going to visit her dad in Buckingham Correctional Center, Virginia accompanied by dad's new girlfriend. While entering the prison, a drug dog alerted on the GF triggering a mandatory strip search. Since the child was accompanying her, it was decided that the child also be searched for drugs. Virginia has protocols which were not followed. It is traumatic to strip search a child, and therefore a legal guardian is supposed to be present and give consent.
Instead, we have this disaster. What else should we do? If we automatically exempt kids, we will get the same problems that were created when the Supreme injustices of the court decided that we cannot execute minors for murder. We would have children becoming mules for the smugglers. get detected? turn around and leave, no harm no foul and the drugs don't get found. Try again with another kido.
Virginia should have turned them away, then barred the child from visitation unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
For that matter, no child under sixteen should be visiting at prison unless accompanied by a legal guardian.

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