Tuesday, December 17, 2019

We must have full exoneration

They say that history is written by he winners. That is rarely the case. Many accounts of wars paint the eventual winners as corrupt overlords. Our own history is a pack of lies. The Noble Warrior? The just cause of the South?
History will record the events unfolding now in a way to paint what ever side the writer is on in the best possible light. Given that most history is written by college professorss, and given that most of them are far left liberals, you can rest assured that history will not be kind to President Trump regarding this impeachment, and frankly, his entire administration. record lows in unemployment a safer border, falling welfare and food stamp benefits will be ignored when it comes time for them to defend the unconstitutional actions of Nancy P. Lousy, New York's nadless and Pencil neck Shif-for-brains.
No matter what the articles of impeachment say, the Senate must take them up with all the seriousness of genocide. Every speck of evidence no matter how crazy and far flung must be heard.
It is a near certainty that the Senate will move to acquit. The only republican likely to vote to remove is the white perversion of ObamAA-, Mittens the carpet bagger from Massive-clue-less.
The press will not be on Mitch's side. Just as when the republicans had their witness in front of Nadler's judiciary committee, the press will cut away to sound bits, mute the testimony while their squawking heads give their interpretation of previous lies, or even discuss the weather.
It will be tough, but the president's team will need to make an air tight case that this is a fraud. It will be necessary to expose how the children of many of the elite are involved in schemes to rake in millions or billions of dollars from foreign governments, and how President Trump's   search for the truth about Biden lets sunlight in on their dealings.
If only 1% of the truth slips past the guardians of lies, the modern press, People will begin to see the truth. That exposure will put enormous pressure on democrats in the Senate. The 33 class 2 seats plus two special elections are composed of 23 republicans and 12 communists.
Doug Jones in Alabama is especially vulnerable. It was only the toxic environment created around Judge Moore that got him elected. he may not care. Or he may see a glimmer of hope and decide to vote to acquit.
Tina Smith in Minnesota is another possible. Minnesota tends blue, but many republicans have come from the land-o-lakes.
Warner in Virginia is another possible. He barely squeaked out a win in 2014, and the state is up in arms about recent communist actions by their new legislature. He needs something to woo voters back to the dark side.
A voter revolt could also endanger Cory Booker and several of the other job killer.
They also need to be thinking about 2022. Yes, it is three years away, but voter anger could carry over, and you can bet your bottom dollar that President Trump will work to get out the vote against the twelve class 3 liberal Senators up then.
What we want to see in the coming battle is a full exposure of the facts. Then hopefully, when the vote is taken, instead of a party line acquittal, we can get several donks to pull their heads out of their asses and respect the Constitution and the rule of law.
If that happens, nothing the future misleaders of our grand children write will matter. The facts will slay the slander they put to paper. and the briefest examination will lead people to the unvarnished truth, This was a witch hunt worthy of Stalin or Mao.

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