Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Why aren't we protesting?

The video below pretty well sums it up. Trump supporters have a lot of confidence that the Senate will do it's job and toss the articles after a full hearing on the matter.
Besides, we all have jobs to get to Thursday  morning, family and friends to celebrate Christ's birth with tomorrow, Presents to buy and wrap, and a thousand other things of importance to do today. Since we believe in GOD and trust his guidance, we are not ashamed of our President, nor are we fearful of the future. It is in his control, never was in ours.
Therefore, celebrating the birth of His Son takes priority over waving a futile sign against the evil that has taken root in Nancy P. Lousy's feeble brain.
May GOD bless all of you, today, tomorrow and always. Enjoy the time with family, and if you happen to have a lefty in the bunch, gently needle them about the stellar lack of a criminal violation in their shame-peachment of a sham-peachment.

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