Sunday, December 22, 2019

What is Nancy Pelosi afraid of?

From the moment that it became obvious that Donald Trump was a serious candidate, the dems have been talking about impeachment. Even a number of RINOs were joining the chorus. The day he was elected, that talk became a yell, and on Inauguration Day, it became a scream.
During the 2018 campaign season there were few candidates who ran on a platform of impeaching the President. Most of the ones who did were incumbents in safe districts, places such as San Francisco and New York. Most of the dems who defeated incumbent republicans ran as moderates. Some of them even claimed to oppose impeachment.
In 2016 the republicans held the Senate. In 2018 they gained seats securing a conservative base in the upper chamber. With the exception of Mitt Romney, no republican has called for Donald Trump to step down or supported impeachment. We know for a fact that many of them are weak kneed RINOs like Lindsey Graham who will dart left at a moments provocation, but he has firmly stood strong as America has returned to the values which made this country the strongest in the world.
Over in the House, the calls to impeach the president turned from yelling to howling. Like coyotes smelling a hen house, they seemed unable to get their noses away from the idea that President Trump is as criminal as they are.
Every thing he did sparked calls for impeachment. every action had them demanding an investigation. The cable news cabal carried these rantings almost every news cycle. It became like a form of rabies that makes the victim ever more crazy, but lacks the means to end it's suffering.
At last the dems seized on an accusation of corruption, a quid-pro-quo, and ran with it. did it matter that the proof of its invalidity was right in front of them? No, they instead called it Obstruction.
Their fever pitched screams birthed an impeachment, they voted, got their majority to agree, never mind that the oposition was the only thing bipartisan about this, then decided to sit on it rather than send it to the Senate for a trial.
What suddenly changed? Donald John Trump is still our President, has been since January 2017. The Senate is still firmly republican. They've been there since 2014 blocking ObamAA-'s foolishness. republicans in the House are powerless to do anything, Nancy amended the House rules to make the minority party invalid.
Why not send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate? The trial he will get will be just as fair as the one he wold have received in 2018, 2017, or even in 2016 if they had decide to preempt his inauguration in December. In 2016 they would have had a chance, republicans were not yet united behind him, he was a political unknown, and many  had valid fears that the former democrat and major democrat donor might prove o be a wolf in sheep's clothing. thankfully, he has turned out to be the most honest man to hold the office in a Century.
Again I ask, what changed? the press is telling America that the deeds of our President make Nixon look like a choir boy and Bush a champion of conservatism.
Americans are not buying this. Polls are showing push back. When the president is flush with money from donors small and large, and donks are seeing their candidates failing for lack of support, they have reason to fear.
Is that what Nancy is afraid of? Maybe it is that President Trump has the right to a fair trial, and the Supreme court can stop the Senate from binding him with meaningless rules meant to protect wrong doings by others which would come to light in a lengthy trial.
This trial, if it happens, will not be a simple matter of the house putting their witnesses in front of the people only to have them shown to be partisan hacks and liars, this will be the President calling up dozen, possibly hundreds of witnesses and exposing every bit of corruption that can be linked directly or indirectly to the entire operation.
People who watch only the news will be shown many misdeeds which the media have gleefully cover up. We know the truth. Many people do not. many folks don't bother to dig for the truth and simply accept what CNN peddles. The paradigm shift will be felt like a magnitude 100 earthquake through American politics.
To name a few, we know Nancy and Schiff are dirty. We know Romney and Kerry's kids also fed at the trough called Ukraine. What percentage of Americans are going to shrug their shoulders and say, Okay, back to business as usual after these revelations hit them square in the face? We have an emoluments clause regarding the President, will the People demand it extend also to members of Congress and their families and to the families of ambassadors and department heads?
Nancy is not afraid that President Trump will get off. They have already said they will impeach him again and again. She is not afraid of losing her speakership, she is in a safe district and will be reelected as long as she desires to remain in Washington and might become the oldest person to serve as speaker, provided she makes it to 110.
No, she saw something, and it terrified her like Arkanside. What else might an impeachment trial expose?

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