Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yes, I am disgusted, and its as much with the media as with the events of today where ObamAA+, make that Obamaa- has invoked executive privilege in the fast and furious debacle. When I got home tonight, I checked Yahoo. Seventy feature stories, and almost all are about fashion sports, or purest bullshit. This is not news reporting, this is misdirection. There are a lot of people get their news from the internet because they rightly have zero faith in the broadcast media. We cannot trust the internet though either. AP is crap. American Pravda is a compliment compared to what they really are. Reuters is worse, and AFP is nothing but a cowardly twist from french communists who are scared of their own shadows. The most reliable news sources these days are the bloggers, and sad to say, the best of the best retired. Today we have to rely on the grape vine. It worked in eras gone by when oppression was outside our doors. Sure, we don't see the oppression, but its there now. Thanks to modern surveillance techniques, they don't need a soldier on every corner to exercise control. They monitor our every move, every key stroke, every time we get a text, check our twitter account, or call a friend. When I was a kid we called it CLAMs. that Congressional Left, Academia, and Media. Some capitalize the S and make it Socialists, like there is some difference between them. Our nation has been subverted, and we just stand by. Its time to act. We have an election in four months. We need to rally the troops and get the word out. We cannot stand by and let ObamAA+ pardon his mass of cronies. He and all of them need to stand trial for their actions, and not just at the ballot box. We also need to get the message across to the pressers that we are not buying their BS. Yes I'm pissed, I'm more then pissed, I'm disgusted.


Gregory said...

I am disgusted too. I almost never look at tv news shows. I also gave up the city newspaper quite a few years ago realizing that nothing that they printed was important or factual or SPUN. I mostly look at blogs. But, when our pres pulls shit like that, why don't our congressmen and senators send out mailings announcing what that half-black, half-baked, dickhead did?

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Kansas Redneck - give up on Yahoo and the other web directories when it comes to objective reporting. They're all driven by a progressive agenda and they're just as corrupt as the lame stream media.

I've railed against Yahoo for years on my blog. If it weren't for the fact I'm joined at the hip via my email accounts I would have said bye bye to Yahoo years ago.

JeremyR said...

Greasywrench, I am in the same boat. G mail is just as bad or worse though.