Friday, June 22, 2012

Sandeviant guilty.

I just want to know why they did not find him guilty on all charges. So he gets to die in prison, and his victims continue to live in hell after what he did destroying their lives. he is one sick bastard. After the latest, with his step son coming forward, I think they should put his wife on trial as well. I would go for a deal though, he agrees to a public execution, but she has to be the executioner. That would be fair, or at least better then what she is going to get. I see a strong diffrence between people like Sandusky and some stupid schmuck who gets stupid with a horney teenager who is on a man hunt. That still aint good, but its far from this. A creep who assaults ten year old children deserves to get ass raped 730 times a year for the rest of his life which should be as short as possible. I hope his final days in the pen are a living hell for him. Better yet, I hope he is protected and fawned over by the corruptocrats and dies with out repenting and discovers there is a hell far worse then any he created here on earth. The Bible says better a mill stone, but that should have happened decades ago.

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