Monday, June 25, 2012

Whats wrong with our courts

Well, the Supreme injustices of the court have struck down major portions of Arizona's immigration law. Thats right, Kennedy has his head back up his ass, and keagan and the wiseass latina are right there with him.
These idiots also struck down laws mandating life without parole for juveniles who murder. Yup, had travon martin won in his bout wiht Mr Zimmerman, he would not be facing a mandatory life. Lucky for us he got the death penalty for being too stupid to even bring a knife to a gun fight.
Congress has a mess on their hands. If we get lucky, and we won't, the house will investigate Obama and obtain his Kenyan birth records. After that, they can declare every appointment made by him null and void and kick Keagan to the curb and back into the gutter along with Sotomayor. If they had balls, and they don't, they would then impeach Badbitch Grinch and send her out to pasture. Kennedy is too liberal most of the time, but he might be capable of learning. If not, pack his ass off to an old farts home from hell.
Some one needs to tell them the Constitution is not toilet paper, and we the People are the ones in charge. Not ObamAA+ not Boinger, not dingy Harry or gaffer Joe.
representatives and congress critters are public servants, not lords and masters. remember in November and send them a message.
At this point I almost dread what this pack of fools will say about ObamAA+ hell care. I guess we will find out soon enough.


Gregory said...

Those a-hole supreme court judges are indicating to us reason enough to carry a weapon and willingness to use it--just like in the T.Martin case. And screw them in the Arizona law case. They can keep their moldy old noses out of individual states business. I hope Arizona ignores them.

Gregory said...

And NOW I find out that the Not-So-supreme court says that obama care is ok if it is looked at as a tax. I think that us individual states should just ignor that courts rulings. To hell with those left wing dingbats. What are they going to do? Sick the military on the individual states who ignor their ignorant rulings?

JeremyR said...

Greg, I want to impeach the pack of retards including Roberts. There is nothing in the constitution about health care, so the feds should stay the living heck out of it.