Friday, June 29, 2012

Just what does she do?

Shera Bechard has qualified for an O-1s or EB-1s visa. Normally those are reserved for people with extraordinary abilities such as Nobel Prize winners. ObamAA+ would qualify for that. Maybe in light of his lack of acomplishment they saw fit to allow this Playboy Bunny and former girl friend of Hugh the Molester to enter the country. To me this is another example of what is wrong with our immigration policy. We have millions of women more beautiful then Shera, so whats the point in letting her in? Oh right, she does not know how to keep her cloths on. I guess when you fuck up the economy as bad as Barry's bone heads have, no one else wants to come here. All thats left is the multi billion dollar porn industry. No snese in letting Russia get all the hot models. Am I disgusted by this? Nah, I just think its more government stupidity, thats all.

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