Monday, June 25, 2012

Upgrading Optics

Well, I pretty much have the stash of guns my little heart desires, at least for this week. So its on to optics.

I was checking the ads on Craigslist, home of Nigerian scammers and frauds, and found a couple of ads in sporting goods for gun parts. I managed to pick up two quad rail forends, two mounted flashlights and two scopes for a total that was less then the more expensive optic. Not a bad deal, and that Optic included a 3x tip off, is night vision capable, and looks darn good on my Tromix. The second scope has an integral laser, bullet drop compensator, and 2.5x10 magnification.

Yes, I know, you can only shoot one at a time, but when friends less fortunate come over, well, target shooting is never not fun. besides, when the zombie apocalipse of dead come out to vote in November, some one has to make sure they get right back to their graves.

I suppose I could make them all the same, but what fun is that? That would be like sleeping with twins. I mean twin sisters dang it, I aint Mooslime.

I really don't believe in zombies either. They are nothing I would fear. Our nation getting so screwed up by the peons in power? Thats something to fear. Do I expect the FBI and cohorts to come knocking on my door? No to that as well. I fear the mobs of angry fools. Fools who expected the government to be able to keep handing out money at the working folks expense who are going to be upset when the house of cads err cards topples.

A lot of folks live their lives oblivious to what is going on in this country. They watch the lame stream media and believe every utterance of Rachel Madcow and Krissie Mathews. They think every thing is hunky dory in lala land. They do not understand that Social Suckerty has been raided and emptied. They don't know that we are deep in debt to China, and that sooner or later some one is going to have to pay.

I hope it never come to that. I earnestly hope all these guns ever kill is beer cans and praire dogs. I pray that the day of reconing for America does not come in my life time, but I fear it will, and for that, I prepare. I'm an oath keeper, and I WILL defend this country and our constitution from enemies, foreign, and domestic.

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