Thursday, June 28, 2012

We couldn't tell

So congress voted to hold Eric the Red Holder in contempt. Wowzie wowzie woo wooo. Like it matters. Obama and his regime have been nothing but contemptuous of congress, the courts, and the people from day one.
From my point of view, this vote was a waste of time. The congressional racist caucus walked out, or was that slithered? Nancy P Lousy and Stenny Hoyer joined them. BFD. The House can do nothing. As long as Ding harry and the communists control the Senate, it matters not, and since Holder is head of the DOJ, nothing will be done about it.
ObamAA+ will make a bunch of stupid speaches, Daily KOS, and other left wing leaches will tut tut, and nothing else will happen. The house needs to just quit wasting time with this and put it on the back burner. Make it front and center during campaign stops and community get togethers, and be prepared to ram it down their throats in November.
Then vote the articles of impeachment on the very first day of the new session. Put a cork in their asses until a new president is sworn in. It won't matter much, but it would stop the flow of pardons that ObamAA+ will issue as he is shown the door.

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