Friday, June 29, 2012

There's a message in there somewheres

Supreme injustice of the court Roberts crowed that it was not the place of the court to fix mistakes voters make at the polls. While the supreme court seems insulated from reality, maybe The jackass should sit up and pay attention. Mitt Romney's campaign, in the 24 hours after their bone head ruling raised $4.3 million smackers from roughly 43,000 donors. Thats says a lot. Faux polls claim America is evenly divided on the ruling, yet a Yahoo poll on line showed 63% of respondents disagreed with the horses pahtoot and the communists. Thats spells a lot of anger, and if the political class are paying attention, the message is fix the problem. No, its not just repeal ObamAA+'s hell care, we want the problem taken care of. We want certain fucktard judges sent packing with out a pension. We are fed to hell up with "Social justice" that steals from those who work hard and hands it to lazy worthless bums.

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