Monday, September 3, 2012

A reek in the wockies

Well, I survived my vacation. We went to Pueblo Colorado, then up to Denver for a week of relaxation and fun. Toured Rocky Mountain National Park and just relaxed.
I saw a lot of political ads while I was up there. it seemed every ad on TV or radio was slamming Romney for something he has yet to do. Frankly, the best campaign reform we could ever get would require candidates to tell us exactly what they plan to do if elected or reelected, and would forbid any mention of their opposition. Attacks would be limited to open debate forums if I had my say.
The irony of all the campaigning was that I saw exactly one ObamAA+ sticker the whole trip. It was on a, you guessed it, Prius, from Illinois. Whodathunkit?
Even Boulder, bastion of liberal stupidity was devoid of bumper stickers for Teh Won. That was the biggest shock. I almost made a u-turn to take another look, but when the idiot from illnoise passed me  just outside of town, I figured there was no point.
Anyway, I'm back, rested, (hah!) and ready to get back to mocking liberals and their great deeds.

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