Monday, September 17, 2012

In the debates ObamAA- has many enemies.

Oliver Knox, water carrier at American Pravda seems to think that ObamAA-s main enemy in the debates will be his long windedness. While I agree he can use more words to say absolutely nothing then the average politician, I see a bigger foe for the empty suit, truth. ObamAA- will attempt to portray every thing in hte last four years as improvements, or Bush's fault. Water carriers like Knucklehead Knox will be all too happy to help spread the lies. The truth though will not be on their side. At every turn, there is ample evidence of what is reall going on in America, and just how it ties directly to disasterous policies of the American communist party, the democrats. I would look forward to the debates, except that these are not true debates. It would be fun to see a real debate in which hte candidates can attack the policies of their opponent. Obie would look like a jig saw puzzle with a couple of whole lot a pieces gone. Sorry Jim Croce. Yesterday I saw where Pravda was stewing that many black pastors are telling their flocks to sit this one out. Whoa, I thought politics and the pulpit weren't supposed to mix. Must be OK since they are dems though,even if they are not kowtowing to the party lie err line. This could be a major worry for the dems. Blacks represent 12% of the US population. Since roughly 1/3 of Americans claim allegiance to the loony wing, that could spell real trouble. That means roughly 1/3 of the loyal dems might stay home. I personally think they would send a better message by getting out and voting republican. That would send a clear resonating message to the coruprocrats that things are not hunky dorrie and they need to remember htat black voters are not there to be walked on. ignoring fundamental parts of what blacks believe in will hurt them. That is the message they need to send. Who knows, there might be a dem politician with enough functioning brain cell(s)(nah) to get it.


Gregory said...

Here is one pastors comments on obongo. Funny as heck at the end.

Gregory said...

Wait, wait. That wasn't the right link. Try this one, its only 47 seconds long.