Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Muslims pissed as usual

Well, it seems a whole bunch of Mooslimes are upset that a movie portrayed the pervert Mohammed as a prophet. It was wrong of the film maker to do so. There is no prophesy in the satanic verses. It is just the mad ramblings of a maniac who liked to mollest little girls, and probably little boys. I guess that when you have an extremely small penis, you have to get them young if you want it even remotely tight. That is the lame excuse anyway for the goat rapists in Libya attackng the US embassy in Benghazi. Its September, and we are reaping the harvest of the arab spring. At least Q-daffy was too chicken shit to push it when Bush was in office. I cannot help but wonder, is it the change over there that caused this, or the chicken shit leader we have here? Might be a combination, but in any case, add Libya to the list of nations that deer leader should have bombed back beyond the stone age. Carter redux in spades.

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