Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh shit, he aint done

ObamAA+ says he would give himself an incomplete on the economy. I guess he still sees signs of life he wants to stamp out in his quest to make third world status a long climb up for Americans. Our nation was built by hard working individuals who saw a chance to succeed for themselves. People who wanted a better life that could be had by working hard and being thrifty.
Since 2007 when Communist party USA err the democrats took control of congress, we have been in a nose dive. Where it could end is hard to tell. We are deep in debt to China, and with a massive trade deficet, we are not even close to changing course.
Can anyone name one thing this idiot has done that helped? From cash for clunker to health care, every move has undermind the middle class.
Yes, we need change. Buddy, can you spare a quarter?


kerrcarto said...

With just our interest payments to China we are funding their military. WTF?

Gregory said...

kerrcarto; Where do you get that from?

JeremyR said...

Greg, the budget of the Chinese military is arround 111 billion USD. Our interest payments total about 91 billion. They increased defense spending in recent years as they gear for an arms race with US. Two years ago what kerrcarto said was true, and its expected to return to that ugly truth by 2015.
I gleaned those figures from Whackopedia, the CIA whirled fact BS err book, and a few other sources. Took about two hours of research and number crunching.