Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This ones about me

I don't talk much about myself. I'm not intensely private, just don;t like to spend a ton of time bitching about my problems.
I took a fall on Memorial Day. Was working on a friends house, and was going into the basement when a stair step seperated from the riser and I fell. Landed kinda hard, sensors arround the Pacific registered the tremor I'm told. Didn't do me a lot of good either.
The fall was about three feet , but then I tripped over the surviving step and crashed pretty hard. When I got back on my feet, every thing tingled, hands, feet, what doctors call a stinger. Athletes get them all the time, especially football players.
Since then, I have been prescribed numerous meds, muscle relaxants, pain pills, not much help. Im not a bed addicted individual, I generally sleep three or four hours a night. Sleep is a problem now. I will lay down, get comfortable, and drift off. In 20 yo 30 minutes though, I wake back up with an extremity on fire with pins and needles. I adjust, drift back to sleep, and repeat the process. Most nights I get an hour and a half of sleep, some nights none at all.
The first specialist they sent me to said I have carpal tunnel. Yea, right! You can get carpal tunnel from alling through a stair case every day of the week but Monday. I fell on a Monday. CTS would only involve the index and middle finger, the ring and pinky are served by another nerve.
I have two bulged discs. According to the doctors, at my age, thats darn good, I should have more. I also have bone spurs on my fifth and sixth cervical vertibrae, not good, but they didn't happen in the fall either.
I had a proceedure last week in which the injected Cortisone in next to the vertibrae. Seemed to help a little, the discomfort in my neck is less. Not gone ming you, just less by maybe 25%. It seems like for the last three months I have been twisting my head and neck a lot to ease the discomfort. I'm doing that less now. The down side is more tingling in the hands, and hugely more in the feet. An added benefit is now I am having tingling in my face, mainly the chin and mouth.
The other down side is the lack of sleep is directly harming my ability to function. When I get up Ifeel OK, but by noon I feel like its eight in the evening. By this time at night I feel like I have done a marathon weekend of bad movies and beer with zero sleep. I am dog tired, but the tingling in my hands keeps me awake most nights. The way I feel tonight, its gonna be a sleepless in Seatle night. Again.


Gregory said...

Damn dude. I'll say a prayer for you right now.

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Harper said...

Take care, will keep a good thought for you.