Thursday, September 27, 2012

Then get a job

Cindy Nerger has her undies in a bunch. Seems she was in a Kroger store and was using food stamps to pay. her purchase got flagged, and she needed to cough up about ten bucks cash. She got bitchy with the clerks and a manager was called.

At some point in the discussion, he supposedly told her "Excuse me for working for a living and not relying on food stamps like you," If he did, good for him. I am sick of people like this fat useless cunt who are demanding a free ride from those of us who work.

"I turned around and realized how many people heard him and how many saw that happened and I was so embarrassed… I started crying," she said.

Bitch, you should be embarrassed. It was you who made a scene, not the manager. It was you who attempted to defraud the system by buying items not eligible for SNAP assistance. Kroger, and all stores have the food items in their system, and its checked in several ways to ensure that you can only buy eligible items. They don't want to get in trouble for letting you buy smokes and other geedunk.

Last year the great Don Surber highlighted an instance where some one was buying steaks and lobster on stamps. WTF? Working folks can't always afford that sort of stuff, the rich can, and imho, the poor can do with out it.

I personally would get rid of the food stamp program. Let churches and food banks feed the lazy bastards. They can control who gets assistance, and tell the bums like Cindy to take a hike.

My alternate idea is this, only allow the cheapest brand of product to be purchased, and require the recipient to pay the difference in cash for any higher priced items. When it comes to lobster, tuna is also a sea food. they pay the difference between the cost of a can of tuna and a lobster tail. Also, if they have a cell phone, internet access, a computer, or other luxury items, no stamps. This bitch was whinning on facebook. Yes, I know she has health issues, so do I and every one else.

Yup, I'm mean. I say let em starve because I know they won't. Even a dumbass like Cindy Nerger would find a way to feed her fat face and her brat. If she can afford to have a facebook page, yes I know they are free, internet access is not, She can afford to feed her family.
Bottom line, the Kroger manager was right, she should have either paid cash, or declined the items in question and left the store.

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Gregory said...

Yep. And your alternate idea is great. Only generic brands could be eligible. Damn good idea.