Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to get behind Akin

True conservative Todd Akin hasbeen getting the frozen shoulder from establishment republicans after he made a Biden. Yes, what he said was wrong, insensative, and outright stupid, but to throw him under the bus?
The man is popular among voters in Misouri. He has brand recognition and people know he is in step with his base. Many of the republican leadershit though is in cave mode, and has been for a decade or more.
We need true conservatives in Washington or we are finished. another four years of reckless spending will be our demise. Frankly, we are lucky to not be destroyed now.
ObamAA- and the democraps are bad enough, we do not need their kind of actions from people who are elected to represent conservative America.
So if the choice is small gov vs ever increasing gov, pick men like Todd Akin. he aint perfect, none are, But he is the kind of person who would reverse the trend in Washington instead of merely slowing things for a few months.

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