Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What gun control gets you

Two Brit constables are dead, ambushed by one of Britians most wanted fugatives. Dale Cregan lured the two into a trap and slaughtered them with gunfire and a grenade. because the Bobbies were unarmed, they were simply victims of this outrage.
Is this where ObamAA- wants to take our nation? Is this what would become of us if Chicago like gun control were nation wide? Or would we instead turn into a police state like Iran?
In any case, the Brits wasted the lives of two young women who wanted to serve the people.
This is what you get with gun control. with out a gun, any body is merely a victim. It would not matter if they were a black belt in karate, or an eighty year old widow, the result would be the same. Where guns are outlawed, only the criminals have guns.

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Spartacus said...

Law enforcement via the honor system. The only problem with the concept is criminals, by default, have no honor.