Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dems on the economy

Well, the dumb-as-craps kicked off their convention with an address by FidelJulian Castro. Sorry, when their economic ideas are identical, it makes it even easier to get them confused. In his whinning, he mocked supply side economics, or trickle down economics. His choice of course is Robin Hood Economics, or should I say Robbin' Hood? Thats the dem idea of an economic plan, take from those who work for what they have and give hand outs to the lazy. We have, for the last fortyfive years seen how that works. It all started with LBJ's great society. Has it helped? clearly not. The middle class has dwindled, and the welfare class has swollen. Money for nothing. Forty years ago, people had a little pride. It was shameful to accept a hand out from the government. That meant you were next to worthless as a provider for your family. If you look back to patriarchial times, men who could not or would not provide were not given wives. No father wanted to shoulder the burdon of a lazy child, and since the typical family lived together in a group, he was gonna be on the hook if he allowed it. Today our lazy are prolific breeders. Were it not for welfare, they would starve. Actually, they wouldn't, they would be forced to work, and you can bet your bottom dollar that if they had a big screen TV and a cell phone, they worked for it. These idiots at the communist convention mock Romney. Some how it escapes their pea brains that he worked for everything he has. it also excapes their pin heads that communism does not work. Welfare is just a form of communism as we administer it today, the lazy get their reward on the back of those who work. As far as Fidel, damn it, I did it again, Julian, he made a lot of noise about the dream act. He also gives us a good look at the democrats intentions with it. From the horses ass, err mouth, "In an obvious appeal to Latino voters, Castro pointed to Obama's support of the DREAM Act, which grants American citizenship to some children of immigrants, as proof that Obama believes in the American dream he benefited from as a child. He cast Obama as a president whose influence would be felt for generations to come. "The American dream is not a sprint, or even a marathon, but a relay. Our families don't always cross the finish line in the span of one generation. But each generation passes on to the next the fruits of their labor," he said.
To me, it sounds scary. It sounds like he is telling us in no uncertain terms that the dem plan is more and more illegals, more and more amnesty, and more poor mouths and  the associated crime that creeps crawls and slithers accross our southern border. But then. I guess we've always known that.

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Gregory said...

I have some shit to say about the 'welfare' program. They don't call it welfare. They call it "social security disability payments". I am just now starting to kick out a room-renter for his dirty tricks and lying about me on a craigslist roommate wanted ad. This 31 year old male gets over 900 dollars a month plus 16 dollars in food stamps because he has ...supposedly....ADD, ADHD, and post traumatic stress because his mom was and still is a druggee.
So now, he intends to never work a day in his life because they might take it all away from him. One of the most manipulative liars I have come across in years. Too bad he had me fooled for 2 weeks. He is out of here today. Time to change the locks.