Sunday, March 15, 2015

A little morning humor

A certain wealthy man was walking by and he noticed three lazy men just sitting there in the alley and he was curious as to which of the three was the laziest so he approached them and said to them "Which ever of you three is the laziest I will give this one hundred dollar bill to. Then he took it out of his wallet and immediately two of the men jumped up claiming to be the laziest but the third man didn't even stand up so the rich man said to the two "indeed you two are lazy but this third man, he is so lazy he wouldn't even get up" Then the rich man looks down to the lazy man and says "congratulations, you are the laziest of all, here is your grand prize of 100.00" and the lazy man looks up at him with grief and says "aww man, can you put it in my pocket for me?"

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