Monday, March 9, 2015

Another nice puppy

Once again a pitbull has murdered some one. This time the victim was a man coming to the aid of the dog's owner, who had suffered a heart attack.
Pitbulls are about as good as rattle snakes or alligators as far as pets go. Yes, the Happiest Millionaire had some for pets, alligators, not pitbulls, if you are familiar with Walt Disney's final musical. He kept them locked in a special room.
I will concede that there might be a use for pitbulls, several in fact.
1. The average pit can feed a family of six Koreans for a week.
2. You can make three to five designer purses from each hide. (wallet size, you don't want them to get large enough for a shoulder bag.
3. hunting wild boar. If your region has a serious infestation, you then have an excuse for pitbulls larger than wallet size.
Sorry folks, its not the owners fault. Ok, it is, no one who is dumb enough to own one should be allowed to own any animal. Its genetics. Pits were bred for their aggressive nature. They were intended to be tough and tenacious. The kind of spirit you see in them is not something that can be taught. No one uses a Dalmatian to track escaped convicts, and no one uses a blood hound to hunt pheasant. Mastiffs make lousy lap dogs, and  if you ever see a shi tzu team pulling a dogsled, send me a video.
Pits are not pets. Roy Higgenbotham Jr. is dead because David Wallace was a fool.

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