Friday, March 6, 2015

Enough with waiting for KKKalifornia to fall in to the ocean, its time to give them a push

The bat shit craziness that is California has reached a new low, one that is beneath the deepest part of the Mariana's trench. The rat on campus at UC Irvine have voted to remove the American flag from campus. Let that sink in. These leeches are attending a university funded by American tax payers. They have thus far been educated, and I say that tongue in cheek, with American tax dollars, and now they want to remove the Stars and Stripes from campus.
I have a better idea, lets remove THEM from campus. Send their sorry asses to Cuba, let them get a masters in Cigar rolling from Fidel's finest teachers. Or they can go to Venezuela and learn all about bankrupting a nation. Sure, they cold learn that in Detroit, but since they, like Obambi have no love for this country, they can pack their shit and get out.
Remember the book "The Man without a Country"? Lets do a modern day remake of it.
Yes, I know, there were only six on the stupid err student governing body who voted for the ban, but they were not elected to the positions because of their shoe size. These idiots think like the maroons who elected them, or should I say fail to think, just like the morons who elected them.
California is in dire financial trouble. They could save a few pounds and just defund the university right now. The professors? They are part of the problem, they are teaching this trash to think like, well, trash.
I guess they are part of the reason ISIS hasn't attacked the west coast. Why kill their friends and allies.

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