Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stand with Israel

Reports coming out of Kuwait claim that pResident Short bus threatened to shoot down Israeli planes if they attempted to put an end to Iran's nuclear ambitions. Why am I not surprised? The SCoaMF is a died in the wool communist. He hates Jews. That is part of his culture as well as his closet mooslime cult personality leaking out. His weak support of the government in Iraq is all but assuring another islamist state, one with far fewer scruples then Iran has. I believe ISIS would attack Israel with out hesitation if they had the means and even a remote possibility of success.
If our Congress had any balls what so ever, they would declare war on Iran, and authorize unlimited military aid to Israel for the express purpose of destroying Iran's nuclear capabilities, and ensuring they won't try it again for a decade or four. It won't happen, I can only wish. Most of the republicans are too soft in the head to understand the implications. This is just one more assurance in my book, that we are fast approaching the tribulation. How many years remain?
Zion stands by enemies surrounded. If Obozo has his way, soon we will desert her, then woe is us.

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