Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Check this out

By now we have all heard about the poor girl who got her bell rung at the Bezerkly protest/riot. SeeBS had her on and made out about how the poor girl was just standing there when this big bad former Marine walked up and for no apparent reason knocked her in the chops.
Not so fast.

Lets get our facts straight. Little miss Innocent is a porn star for one. That does not automatically forfeit her rights to not get her mouth smashed. Even ladies of the night deserve to be treated like ladies unless you are paying them for other things. In which case they deserve to be treated like any other prisoner in Police custody and hopefully you are in the van with them.
The videos show clearly that she was playing smash mouth as well and the Marine dude simply counter punched her uppercut.
They call themselves antifa. They are not antifascist though, in fact they are fascists who are anti-Trump.
Wait a minute redneck, fascists and anarchists together? They are supposed to be diametrically opposed. Take a look at Nazi Germany and Hitler's rise to power. Oh snap, Goodwins law. Hitler won by wearing down the population. his supporters , the SA, or brown shirts were in the streets rioting and demonstrating, and the people simple threw up their hands and let his supporters win. These people are cut from the same fabric, same game plan, nothing new under the sun.
It is time for action. First and most important, Congress needs to slash funding to all schools that tollerate these kinds of activity. Next, and in the same bill, they need to strip them of all accreditation. Four years at Berkley? You are now qualified to empty the trash at Burger King.
After that we need to penalize the people at those schools who encouraged that sort of behavior. Use the retirement accounts to pay for any and all damages caused by this misbehavior criminal activity.
Wont happen, and we know why. CLAMs. Congressional Left, Academia, Media. All these bought and paid for RINOs in Washington are part of that congressional left. They have sold us out.
2018 Clean House. (and Senate)

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Gregory said...

Glad I got to see the video of her being hit-back. Time all of us conservatives fight back. Antifa people are fascists, plain and simple. Hooray for the guy who nailed her. More power to him.