Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Does Trump want to be President?

Today, Don Surber made a simple assertion. Here is my take.
Don, I respectfully disagree about him wanting to be President. It is the job that may be his ruin and he knows it.
He is most like the man standing on  a street corner who witnesses a car wreck. When he realizes that some one is caught in the wreck, he springs into action. The vehicle is on fire, and it is a helpless child trapped in a car seat. That man steps up to the burning vehicle and places his life on the line to get that child out. He is determined that he will succeed and save it no matter the cost to him.
That man acts knowing full well that he may get burned, that he may die, and that the child as well may die. To stand and not act is something he does not consider.
That is how I see the Presidency of Donald John Trump. The man had every thing and bet it all one this job. Had America crashed and burned in the manner we were headed toward, Donald Trump would have survived the calamity and though it might have lowered his fortune, he would have been able to live out his years in relative luxury. At 70, he has twenty years left, and with a good doctor, another ten to wring out. His kids would emerge from this just fine as would his grand children. Beyond that, who knows, fortunes are made in a generation and lost in a generation.
I see his Presidency as a selfless act, he gets nothing personal from it except maybe an ego stroke or three. He had that in the bag on December 19th. All he had to do for his ego was sit back and be like Barry for four years. he chose not to. Instead, he is doing what he said he would, making America great again. It is too bad he must drag an unwilling Congress and an unwitting electorate along. Yes, I'm calling us stupid. Not all of us are, but a lot of us are. We have congress dragging their feet, and we are not holding them to the fire. Lyin Ryan has not been tarred and feathered for his inaction. Metaphorically that is. Only a few people have called him out for his wishy washy actions. The media would have you believe Lyin Ryan is a god standing between earth and doom when he is the Chamber of Communists plow horse dragging us to the abyss.
No, I do not see Trump as wanting this job. Thank GOD that he took it. We do not deserve it any more than we deserved our Savior.

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Gregory said...

Damn straight. I hate Ryan too. Pisses me off how many RINOs we are getting into office. Freaking liars. Wish we could impeach and fire them.