Saturday, April 8, 2017

We are all a bunch of sexists

We must be, Illary LOST! Her whole campaign was based on her being a woman.

Instead, Donald Trump won. It can't be because he has ideas, every one has ideas, no, we must have voted for Trump because he was not a woman.
It can't be because of all the scandals surrounding the Clintons. The media created a hundred or more scandals about Trump.
It can't be because of the Clinton Foundation ties to Russia. According to the media, Trump is in bed with the Rooskies.
It can't be about her health. It was just the flu, and look how quickly she recovered from that!
Hillary spent millions more than The Donald. She had backers willing to cough up mega bucks on her behalf. Mr Trump had to finance his own campaign because he didn't have any rich owners err donors.
Then to top it off, who is Glamour's woman of the year? Bruce Jenner.
We are sexist.

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