Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What happens when Congress does not do their job

For the last six years we have had a Congress that is entirely useless. The first two years of Barry Soetoro's dynasty we had a congress who were fully behind his plans to destroy America or at least the portion between Mexico and Canada. We the People said, "NOT HAPPENING!" and showed as many of the communists the door as we could. The folks we sent to replace them are not much better. Instead of dealing with Barry, they aided and abetted him as much as they could with out inciting a rebellion.
One of the worst things to come out of that were Barry's appointments to various courts. One of those was William Orrick III a bundler from California who raised $200,000 for Barry in 2012 and was rewarded with a judgeship.
He has now paid the communist machine back by issuing an injunction against Trump's legal order stripping sanctuary cities of funds for law enforcement. Ask your self, if the federal government pays cities for law enforcement, and they don't enforce the law, why should we give them another dime?

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Gregory said...

Damn straight. I really hate judges. They all seem to be on some corporate or political parties hind tit.