Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The best LOL of the day

Denny brought up yesterday's election in Georgia, up until then, I had not been following it. I googled it last night though and saw the "predictions". Most had Ossoff winning by a comfortable margin. That was at 6:30 Georgia time.
I didn't get a chance to check back, and it was not until I got home tonight that I saw real results. 48% sounds like a darn good finish in a primary, especially when the next candidate in the race got only 19%. Problem is the commies threw every thing but he kitchen sink at this and came up short. Ossoff is a commie's commie. He got endorsements from all the Hollywood "A" list scum. Traitor Jane slithered out a spot for him as did Samuel L Jackass and a slew of other bad actors.
Given how many of us feel about establishment congress critters, the $5 million dumped in by republican congressional campaign leadership probably did exactly nothing to help.
The race is now Handel vs Ossoff, and while a dem sin is decidedly bad, a Republican backed by the establishment is not much better. Do you wish to be electrocuted with a thousand volts, or ten thousands volts?
Sigh. What could be... Still, Hollywood dems wasting millions on this is well worth it all. Had the money gone to something other than the communist party propaganda arm, that would have been better still.

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Tony Tsquared said...

It has been hilarious listening to the BS Ossoff ads on conservative talk radio. The kick is the hosts of the show are bashing Ossoff on every point before and after the ads. You got to know your audience.