Saturday, April 22, 2017

How dare he keep his word

President Trump said back in February that he would skip the Corps of Despondent's dinner. True to his word, he announced that instead he will hold a rally to mark his 100th day in office with the citizens of Pennsylvania.
Seriously, I think that is a great move on his part. The enimedia has spent the last two years demonizing and mocking him. OK, they mocked him first. They are so out of touch with reality that it is shameful that they still have people believing their garbage. An yes, there are folks so delusional that they actually believe what the legacy media prints about him. Or says about him, Doesn't matter which channel you pick, you are gonna SeeBS.
FOX News, fair and balanced flew the coop in 2015. They are now as deep in the crap as CNN or (P)MSNBC. Trust but verify? Nope, you can't trust them at all.
We have been lied to so much in so many ways that it is amazing to me that a new network, designed and run by TRUE conservatives has not risen from the pile. If that were to happen, could it last? FOX made the decision to become faux. CNN has sunk even lower. Rock bottom? Passed that years ago.
Lies are now truth, and good is evil. We hoped that electing President Trump would change that, but it was clear even two years ago that we need to clean house as well.
GOD, help President Trump. We as a nation may not deserve it. Make that certainly don't deserve it. It is only by His grace we survive today.

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