Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How far down the rabbit hole will we go?

A month ago the press was on fire because President Trump tweeted about Obama spying on him during the campaign. Instead of going crazy to cover the story, what we got was the press going crazy to cover up the story. It was like watching a cat in a litter box full of turds. Gotta hand it to MSNBC and CNN, they are in the front lines on this story... Covering for Barry and Hillary.
Back when President Trump put this out, they wanted us to forget all the evidence that was before our eyes for months during the campaign and immediately after the skank got skunked. It was like yelling at a four year old for  being in the cookie jar. He denies it even though his hands are full of cookies and his face covered in crumbs.
Now we have them saying that the story only came up because some guy who worked for Trump talked to some guy who worked for Putin and there might have been illegal activity even though there was never any evidence of illegal activity. Oh, those cookies. We just happened to find them laying around.
As has been stated elsewhere, the White House does not perform investigations. That is not what they are set up to do. They are however, the hand that controls the investigating authorities. What dirt does Obama, or his controllers have on James Comey? How are they influencing John Brennan and James Clapper? Or are these men in trusted positions in this willingly? We thought it was terrible when we learned that J. Edgar Hoover had dirt on everyone in Washington and used it to keep his job secure and his secrets quiet. Hoover was a saint by comparison.
We the People now know too much. We can not forget these acts of treason. No matter how much CNN and MSNBC want this to go away, no matter how much they refuse to report the story, the story will come out. Painfully and slowly, like a ten pound breech baby, it will be birthed. This is gonna hurt. The mother of this monster may die, and well she should. and every person who had a hand in creating this. We can guess the players, Susan Rice is in this up to her neck. You can bet ValJar is in up to hers, Barry as well. Does it go beyond them? We have seen that Barry was just a puppet in many ways. Mark Cuban stated that President Trump was too stupid to colude with the Russians. Barry is stupid. He is manipulated by Soros and others. Those ties may extend to Russia, and they may extend to Riyadh or Tehran. Round and round it goes, where it stops, some one knows. And that some one wants it to go away, and that some one will do almost any thing to make it go away. That some one is not Don Lemon but he answers their dog whistle like a Labrador.
How far down the rabbit hole will we go, and what will we find when we get there? Will we get to the bottom of this? You can bet your bottom dollar President Trump want to take us there, he has nothing to hide. The question then is can the rabbit at the bottom stop him?
As Thurston Howell III said, I'm not mad, I'm furious.

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