Monday, April 10, 2017

My professor was wrong

Some years back I attended a course titled Parenting for Professionals. The gist of the course was to teach parenting skills to modern folks who have shed the family ties and have no support structure to assist them in learning how to be good parents. He began by stating, "Parenting is the last bastion of the amateur.' No one gives lessons on becoming a good parent. He also contended that no parent ever looked down at that new born baby in the bassinet and said, kid I am going to screw up your life.
This weekend I learned, he was wrong. This kid should be taken away from her parents.
The article is sparse on details, but Mary Grace is a nine year old biological girl. Her parents have petitioned the state of Texas for a new birth certificate for her, and she is now called Max.
No one can say for sure how Mary/Max will develop as puberty hits. Yes, some kids opt for weird things. She may be one of them. Hormones though cause strange things to happen. I have seen many girls who were ultimate tom boys turn into ultra tough ladies. By that I mean the sort of girl who wears the heels, feminine dresses, and will see you fit for dentures the moment you pinch them or behave inappropriately. The sneakers and blue jeans are gone, just flat gone. They are a lady, and you WILL remember that.
Max now faces a problem. Texas may very well pass SB6, and if that happens, she will be required by law to use the men's room. Even if she does not decide as nature calls, to be a woman, she is still required to utilize the male facilities if single user bathrooms are not available. In some situations, that is a recipe for rape. No, I am not condoning sexual assault.
Texas needs to thwart this sort of action and amend SB6 to require people to use bathrooms based on their DNA and get it in to law.
It is bad enough when people as adults make the conscious choice to defile themselves, but for a parent to force this on their child? For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature Romans 1:26

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