Thursday, April 13, 2017


A new book is out about the goings on of the Army hierarchy. Liars err lawyers in the DoD are hamstringing out troops in combat. What the heck is wrong with these people? We should always, ALWAYS fight to win. If we have soldiers committing war crimes, we prosecute only if the enemy is prosecuting their war criminals. Since we are fighting against war criminals, scum who do not abide by the Geneva Conventions, exactly zero of our people should be charged with any thing unless they are going out among the civilian population and raping women and killing families while they sleep. Guys like that should not be allowed back in civilization. Instead of prosecuting them though, I'd give them an AK-47, 500 rounds and send them out to fend for themselves. That's just me though.The ones who capture a guy setting an IED and chop him to bits? Meh.
This is not a new problem for America's war fighters. When I was in, a number of guys got burned during Grenada and Panama for violating rules of combat. Vietnam had it's own set of problems. Only a few guys got court martialed, and lets face it, My Lai was serious shit even if the NVA and VC were doing things ten times worse.
The fact that the enimedia highlighted our misdeeds and whitewashed those of the Communists should tell you something, the media is part of the enemy.
The higher one gets with the military the greater is the CYA attitude which creates this sort of thing. The leadership becomes leader shit. Commanders don't want to be part of the next news story especially when embedded reporters are usually rooting for the other guys. Ernie Pyle is no more. We live in the days when scum like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather look at the camera and lie their asses off. Yes, Blather is retarded err retired and Cronkite is dead, but their legacy of lies lives on.
That alone hurts our men in combat even when the commanders don't create impossible loopholes for them to jump through. We have seen the fiasco caused by Geraldo Rivera in Iraq, and bad as that was, he is one of the better ones. If we dare call it that.
I do not want to scrap the Geneva Convention. It says that combatants who are not wearing a uniform can be executed with a summary trial. That is how I want our people doing it. Then feed the carcasses to pigs. "You stupid redneck, that will make the mooslimes angry and they will fight us even more." Bull shit. We do it, they get upset. We do it to the ones who acted on their anger, and the next few will think long and hard about a sure ticket to hell. They are all going to hell, the choice is express, or snail delivery. They just think there are 72 raisins waiting just for them.
We need to get back to our troops being able to do what is necessary to protect America and Americans. Instead we now have Same Shit Different Decad.

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Gregory said...

Where can I read this list of "rules of engagement"? Is it on a website somewhere?