Sunday, December 1, 2013

A trend that needed to end

In recent years a trend in womens fashion has been breast implants. Some guys like em, I do not. I have yet to see a set that look natural. Too often the woman opts for a set that just does not match her body. Sorry, but DDs on a petite frame are a big turn off to me.
Hollywood though is seeing the end of the trend. Now, I admit I have, and always have had, a preference for small breasts. I do not find sagging udders that look like they were stolen from Aida the Airshire to be attractive. Even when they are relatively firm, I still prefer small boobs.
I may be wrong, but my experience tells me that when a gal has big boobs, wide feet, and wide hips, the rest of her is going to catch up. No, I'm not a slender guy, and while you might say I have no room to talk, It is what I find appealing. Besides, two whales mating on dry land is not a pretty picture.
Even when a gal has smaller boobs, if they look like a couple of socks filled with dirt, I don't find it appealing. I would still take that though over fake ones.
I am glad to see that false fronts are a fad that is failing. A few years from now, it may again be the craze. I hope not though. Long live the natural look. Be proud with what GOD gave you. the torture for a little extra attention won't be worth the price. But that's just my opinion.

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