Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The senseless waste of human sperm made Time's top ten

Former Governor of Kansas, and bought and paid for abortion cheerleader Kathleen Sebelius Made the Time top ten. Honestly, I have had no use for Time for more then a decade.
When this useless piece of shit was in Kansas, she was funded by Killer Tiller and his abortuary in Wichita. A supposed Catholic, and she schmoozes with a scum bucket who murdered thousands of innocent children. Check out her mug shot in the link, that is one ugly evil bitch. She and Obozo make quite the team. they are both over their heads in the slaughter of children, and responsible for the irresponsible hell care fallout.
People on the left mock George W Bush calling him an idiot, and when his staff met, he was indeed the stupidest man in the room. Harsh words for a man of his education, but it is true. Why? because he was smart enough to find people who were smart in areas that he needed advice on, and he recruited them.
Oblowme, on the other hand has picked a Cabinet of fools who make him look brilliant. He is a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure, and his staff are all lower still with the possible exception of  his handler, Jarret. She is smart enough to control him. Evil, but smart. Did I mention evil? As for Sebelius, she is stupid and evil. How she got elected is a good question. It had to be the money from the death factories.

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