Sunday, December 22, 2013

Smooth move aka oops

The Crack Heads who run Crapper Barrel are smarter then the average idiot. It has taken them less then one week to figure out they fucked up. Not many pecker puffers or carpet munchers eat at the restaurant chain. most of their customers are the sort of folks who would fit into the cast of Duck Dynasty as far as views, and religion, so a decision to pull most of the merchandise angered quite a few of their base.
We all screw up. Its human nature.I'm willing to forgive and forget. Just not this year. Or decade. I still have 48 hours for Christmas shopping. That means I will start in about 45. Hope Walmart isn't completely sold out of Duck Commander gear.
If any perverts out there happen by, I'm not trying to deliberately offend you, I just don't care whether or not you like it. As for the asshats at Anal Experience, I hope your ratings tank so bad you have to pay people to advertise.

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Spartacus said...

Cracker Barrel has always been a fupped uck outfit. My little sister earned a degree in hotel / resturant (or how ever the hell it's spelled) management. Spent years working for Darden Resturants (OHETHIS)before she left for college, on her summers off and after she graduated. She Left Darden for an offer from Cracker Barrel (CB). CB sent her to a store in Cinncinatti (OHETHIS) as a base store to train from. Gave her a couple of weeks to acclimate then one day told her she's scheduled to be at their management training center in, I think it was St. Louis, for class at 8a.m. the next morning and she was scheduled to close the Cinci store that night. She arrived late for the first day of training, strike one, but made it through the week to make a weekend run back home to do laundry and get a proper weeks supply of fresh clothes. After spending the weekend crossing several states both directions just to have a weeks worht of clean and proper attire for the week she showed up 15 minutes late on Monday of the second week and was promptly fired.

My Personal experience with CB is limited to one time after her experience. I was on my way home from a CAD/CAM training facility in Livonia, Mi with my departments Senior engineer. We stopped for one last meal at the companies expense, at Cracker barrel. I can't remember what he ordered but I just ordered hard could that be ??? They brought out his plate and he had finished eating & I still hadn't recieved my order, but since we were traveling together both meals were on one bill for expenses and we had received the bill. Hell was raised and a plate of fish then arrived, overcooked. I ate the fries and we left no tip after wasting an hour in the place for what should have been at most a 35 or 40 minute stop.

None of us have ever stepped foot in a Cracker Barrel since and have no plans to ever do so.

CRACKER Barrel seems to be an appropriate name for the way corporate manages the outfit.