Sunday, December 8, 2013

Palin was right

The Obama Care death Panels do exist, and are already hard at work. A neighbor's daughter got signed up for Oblowmecare right away. She had serious concerns. Although she is young, she is diabetic, and pregnant. Unlike many diabetics, she monitors her glucose levels carefully. In fact, maybe too carefully. The PPACA review panel looked at her numbers, and cut her insulin, declaring her no longer diabetic. That means her specialist is no longer paid as well. Given her condition, by the time they realize their mistake and take action to correct it, assuming they do any damn thing, she will be dead. Scratch two thanks to the communists.
No names and no age since I do not have her permission to share her story. If she survives, it will only be because her doctor is one who gives a damn. He is doing all he can for her gratis, since she has no money to speak of.
Remember next November. We cannot get rid of this scourge fast enough.

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