Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Preamble

James Madison, author of what is now known as the Bill of Rights actually proposed twenty amendments to the Constitution of which ten were adopted. Part of what he proposed was a preamble to the preamble, one which stated that the power of the government was derived from the people.
On the surface it seems foolish. The Constitution begins, "We the People of the United States...." It does not begin, we the States, nor We the Government. Nor does it proclaim, We the People of the World. We the People of the United States, is a significant closed group, and it should be clear to anyone who everread the document what that means, and what it implies.
But if we look at how our governments are acting, from the lowest city to the feral rats at BATF, or HHS, EPA, or any government program, Maybe Madison was right. Hell, he was right. There is a movement called the sovereign citizen movement, and their members are viewed as kooks because they believe as Madison did, that all power in our government comes from the people, and that the government is limited and confined by the Constitution, and that excess from it are a crime against every person in these United States. The problem right now is that most people will not give this a second thought. they are too worried about the NFL playoff picture, College Basketball, or the next episode of dancing with the stars. They are comfortable, fat, happy, and cattle.

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