Friday, December 13, 2013

Al quaida is alive and well

In Kansas no less. While Obozo drones on about threats from bitter clinger Christians, an asshole mooslime convert in Wichita attempted to blow up the airport. This is not New York City, we are the heartland, fly over country for the coasties. Yet right in our midst, we had a home grown terrorist.
Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the devil..... Add his false religion of peace to that as well. This makes me think twice about all the mooslimes I know around here. Might one of them be plotting a similar attack? The real danger is not the guy who grumbles and talks, its the one who keeps his mouth shut, plots in silence, and after the attack every one says He was such a nice guy. The brothers in Bostons managed to pull it off in spite of some tips. The next guy might learn a little better, and never say a word until he triggers his bomb.
Sorry Oblowme, but Christians don't want to spread terror, only salvation.

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