Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Whats wrong with homosexuality?

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is under fire for speaking the truth about homosexuality. Now, to be clear, I do not watch Duck Dynasty. I am not interested in a bunch of guy who dress like me, resemble me, talk like me and act like me. granted, I am not filthy rich, but I don't need to be either.
Today a lot of people who claim to be Christian say they are OK with homosexuality. GOD calls it an abomination. God destroyed Sodom because of their homosexual behavior. He forbid it in Leviticus 18:22, and in 20:13 set the punishment as death. Pretty harsh for something GLAAD's Wilson Cruz says Christians should be OK with.
I have not yet met a homosexual I wan to see stoned. I have yet to meet one whom I would want to spend eternity in hell either, but that is where they will spend eternity according to GOD. Yes, I know, a lot of people today do not agree with me. Most of them have never read the Bible either. Am I a perfect person, after all, I know what is in the Bible, and have read it several times through. I am not! I am a sinner in need of a Savior, and I turn to him often because I screw up. Often.
Its not just the homosexual though who is risking their eternal soul. GOD also condemns promiscuity. Yes, sleeping around will get you right onto GOD's shit list. Not a good place to be considering that he can end your life at any moment. Is that something you want to risk for a fast few minutes with Suzie rotten crotch? A "free" life style has many other risks. Pregnancy is right there at the top. So are some nasty STD's. No big deal? even syphilis can kill you in a terrible fashion. genital warts can render you sterile, or cause cancer. AIDs, herpes, and not least, buckshot. Yeah, piss off the wrong girls daddy, and you could get real dead real quick. This isn't about what man is gonna do though. Our society collapsed many decades ago. Most dads today don't care because they are not there. The moms don't care either because that is how they live, bed to bed, superficial relationships that last only a few months instead of a life time. Our society is in self destruct mode. Our families are broken, our children being raised by one parent instead of two. We see the problems in the black community. young men playing the knock out game, a murder rate that is throug hthe roof, drug usage that is beyond comprehension. We fail to see that the white community is only a half step behind them.
America is in trouble, deep trouble. Now that homosexuality is gaining acceptance, others are clamoring for it as well. The pedophiles want their young boys. the beasties want their dog or sheep. The American family is a shambles. Is there any place in the word that is better? China makes their families kill second children. Girls are of no value there, and many end up in orphanages. Russia is in disarray, Europe is ahead of us on the slippery slop err slope. Africa is still in turmoil. The whole world is screwed up! There is no place to run, no where to hide. We need to turn back to GOD. We won't. We are approaching the end times. When and how is yet to be determined. The petulant child in chief and the demoncrats are determined to destroy this once great nation, and the republicans in congress are all too happy to help.
So whats wrong with homosexuality? GOD condemns it. He said it, that settles it, I believe it.

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