Monday, December 23, 2013

What a Maroon

Why kind of drugs is he on now? As if doing enough coke to kill two and a half men wasn't enough, Hollywood village idiot Charlie Sheen is now ranting about Phil Robertson. I guess when you have destroyed most of your brain with drugs people should not expect much.
I gotta give Chuck a little credit though, to be as lousy an actor as he is, and still be known by anyone is quite an accomplishment. (Might have something to do with his dad)
Charlie is upset that some of his friends were hurt by Phil's statements. Well, maybe if they were not perverts, this wouldn't be tugging at their conscience. Phil did not drop names, he merely spoke truth. He did not come up with any thing brilliant, he merely correctly quoted what GOD put in scripture. Something Charlie should try. The command to judge not is contextual. GOD gives us plenty of reason to judge. We all, every day, decide whether to do things based on judgement. Its why we have a conscience. Chuckles is badly damaged by his drug usage.
Charlie, get a clue from Cracker Barrel, your career aint too hot. The people who might watch you on TV are also the ones who caused Cracker Barrel to wise up. If you had a good agent, he would be stuffing a smelly sock in your mouth about now, and cramming your smart phone right up your stupid ass.

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