Friday, December 13, 2013

Dogs are pretty loyal

Lil Kim, the child brained leader of North Korea has executed his Uncle, Jang Song Thaek calling him worse then a dog.
"News of Jang's execution was trumpeted across the nation by North Korea's state media — with unusually vitriolic outbursts on TV, radio and in the main newspaper — as a triumph of Kim Jong Un and the ruling party over a traitor "worse than a dog" who was bent on overthrowing the government."
Jang was an old fart. He may have had ambitions, or more likely, he had his head on straight and was trying to keep lil Kimmy from doing something retarded. Lets face reality, the guy can't even pick a good hair stylist.
Something is up in the only nation with a leader worse then Obungler. If all hell breaks loose, new stereos and TVs may be out of our price range for Christmas. If you desperately need a new big screen, buy now! Or do like me, and live with out the dang things.


Spartacus said...

The Chinese won't let him go that far. The Nork government would fall as easily as the Hussein government did, in spite of Obama, if they drag us into a fight. The last thing the Chinks want is the U.S. military parked long term on their border.

JeremyR said...

The problem now is that Obozo will opt for preemptive surrender, Some times he acts like he is 50% fwench. The Chicoms know they have nothing to fear in the gutless blunder.