Sunday, March 9, 2014

A little morning humor

If the world were a logical place, Men would ride horses sidesaddle.

I had amnesia once - or twice....

They told me I was gullible...and I believed them.

If you teach a child to be polite and courteous at home, he'll never be able to edge his car onto the freeway.

Two can live as cheaply as one, but only half as long.

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

The one nice thing about egotists? They don't talk about other people.

What was the greatest thing before sliced bread?

The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.

How can there be self help "groups"?

Is there another word for "synonym"?

I used to be indecisive. Now, I'm not so sure.

Is it possible to be totally partial?

If swimming is so good for you, explain whales.

Is Marx's tomb a Communist plot?

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