Monday, March 24, 2014

NSA keeping tabs on Carter?

The former worst President seems to think so. If they are, its to make sure he doesn't further embarrass the Country. Like he could do worse than Obozo? Well, it has been a neck and neck race. Both are miserable failures, but at least Peanut brain is a tad more articulate.
So, if you were a world leader, would you open a letter from Carter? If I were say, Putin, and I got a letter from him, I'd send it back with a note saying moved, no forwarding address. Bet he wouldn't get the hint.
Jimmuh aint mad at Obozo though even though its HIS administration that is supposedly spying on the old fool. he does lament that Barry hasn't called him seeking advice. I guess bambi knows how to hate on Jews and Christians with out any help. After all, he did get a no balls piss prize just for being the first afirmative action failure to be elected pResident.

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