Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It appears I'm not the only one

Over at the Conservative Treehouse, they are talking about such a possibility. If the crazies who run Iran are behind this, whom would they target? Israel would be a possibility, but it is a hard target. If Israel intercepted the flight, it would be detonated over a neighbor, and you can be sure Israel would have no bones about it going off over Syria which is the most direct route.
No, the islamists picked a 777 because of its extraordinary range. The 777ER can fly up to 7725 nautical miles, making Washington D.C. at 6338nm well within range. That means they could use a route that avoids any serious radar or air defense arena's and still be able to bring terror to our east coast. Keep in mind, April 24th, the aniversary of Operation Eagle Claw, is just around the corner. Another possible date is Easter, but a muslim satanic unholy day is the more likely. They seem to like days that are special to their perverted cult. March 21 is the persian nude queer err new year. That celebration lasts through the 24th. Couple that with college spring break ending, the students heading back to school, and you have a potential disaster of epic proportions if they targeted a hub where the kids were bunched. Also possible are Mar 20, Oil Nationalization day, and April 1 Islamic Republic Day, which is my first guess.
All things to keep in mind until they get this mess sorted out.


Spartacus said...

It's on the bottom of the ocean.

At about 11 pounds per gallon, even if the pilot could hold his breath this long, and turbines could ignite while pushing water, the range would be greatly reduced with the weight of the volume of water that fills the passenger and luggage compartments. That doesn't even consider the reduced efficiency of salt water as a fuel as opposed to JP-1.

Gregory said...

Spartacus is wrong I think. I think that 370 is parked somewhere on one of the 264 runways it could use. Maybe the pax are murdered, maybe not. The plane is being changed into something to kill other people with.....damned uighurs, indonesians, malasians and southern thailand people. I didn't capitalize the first letter of those names out of disrespect.

Wraith said...

And if they did wipe out DC...wouldn't that be doing us a favor? Can America not do far better without that collection of power-mad fools? I can think of maybe three people currently ensconced there, that would actually count as a loss to this country.

Just sayin'.