Sunday, March 16, 2014

No accident indeed

Johran McCormick is dead, killed when he was caught in bed with a sixteen year old daughter at 2:30 in the morning. Johran didn't need to die. A lot of mistakes led to his death, most of them were his. Maybe he thought it was a joke, maybe he thought it was no big deal, but a lot of parents still take parenting seriously. When I was a kid, parents still wanted, no demanded to meet the guy before they let their daughter go out with any one. Her dad knew what I was driving, knew where to find me afterward, and most likely spoke with my parents before, during, and after the first date. I know darn good and well I did it with my daughters.
So Johran was in the bed of his sixteen year old girlfriend when her daddy came charging in. At 2:30 in the morning, there had better not be a boy in her room, and frankly, a responsible parent wouldn't want him in there at 2:30 in the afternoon with the door closed. At that hour, it would have been rock salt, and you give him a running start. Its sporting, reduces the chances of a kill, inspires good behavior, and IF, on the offhand chance, he loves he enough to marry her, it darn near guarantees a good marriage as long as you have the shotgun.... and a bag of rock salt.
Back to Johran. its tragic that the as yet unnamed girl chose to deny knowing him. She was thinking about her ass being grounded for five years when she said it, and did not intend malice. Unless of course, he was lousy in bed.
No, most of the mistakes were Johram's, and he and his parents are the responsible party in his demise. parents should teach their kids respect because other parents want to protect their children. respect means meeting the parents. If they are divorced, you still should meet both of em. a father who is not present may still give two shits and one buckshot for his child, you never know why he is absent from the picture. Respect means not sneaking into their house at O-dark thirty for a bit of nooky. Getting her to sneak out? well, there will be hell to pay, but you are less likely to get shot. Respect means keeping your hands in the air no matter how much you want to cover other parts of your anatomy.
A little respect before hand would have meant people not having to pay respects at his funeral.
Sorry for the truncated post. My internet is running slow, and I did not check back until now.

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Gregory said...

I think that I would have spent a couple of minutes listening through the door before I went in. That way, I would know that the daughter was colluding. I wish that there was a video of the scuffle. Also, I don't think that that flight 370 stayed up in the air either. I bet that it is in some junble in Malasia. Short field landing needed though......