Thursday, March 6, 2014

BDS alive and well, still dumb as hell

You would think that after nearly six years of Teh Won, that Bush Derangement Syndrome would be a thing of the past, or at least waning. Not so. Rutgers has asked the Honorable Dr Rice to speak at their commencement ceremonies. This has some of the staff in an uproar. Apparently, critical thinking is not taught at Rotgers either since it is spreading through the students. They have their noses out of joint because Condi was involved in the decisions that led to our invasion of Iraq. While it is true that we never found the large quantities of WMD's, there is ample evidence that it was smuggled into Syria, and was subsequently destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. We need not dwell on that. The facts which liberals love to ignore is that nearly ever prominent communist in the House and Senate all claimed, prior to Bush ever assuming office, heck, even before he ran for office, that Saddam had WMD's. Can't say they have forgotten, that means they are liars. Who knew! /sarc
All we need to do is look at all the other named reasons for invading, and we see that it was fully justified on an international scale! Was there a direct threat to the USA? Not at that time, but it was building. There were serious threats to US interests though which do justify the actions. Liberals want to ignore that though, and they are poisoning a new generation with those ideas.
Some things never change. Liberals hate is one of them. Their misguided belief in their own intelectual supremacy is another. Maybe we should call it Liberal derangement syndrome. hell, lets call it what it is, Hatred of America. Too bad we can't deport them to the communist utopia of Cuba, or North Korea. They would be in hog heaven. Added benefit, a disarmed society.


Eduardo Palandi said...

here's an interesting Obozo vs Putin comparison...

Gregory said...

Hate of America and the thought that ANY other ideology is better than American democracy is the liberal way of life. Hell, I would bet that they would be happy as ISIS or "fredom fighters" in Syria....or Iraq. I think that most of liberals would happily murder human beings.