Sunday, March 23, 2014

Incest is best?

Broadband giant Verizon has decided to offer incest and child themed porn in their video on demand service. That should give us a clue as to what is next in the war on traditional family values. As court after court rolls back the will of the voters and grants special privilege to those who make the life style choice to be homosexual, we can now see what groups will be crowing for approval next.
his is no surprise. Besides being full of the Rock Hudsons, and Ellen Degenerates, Hollywood also spawned Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. Kinsey told us that perversion is normal, and while we did not believe it, the courts acted as though the lies were true.
So now, if you are a Verizon subhuman subscriber, you can see video of sex with what appear to be underage children. Titles that proclaim Sex with daddy, or worse.
If our media is any indication, we are not a nation in decline, we are in free fall.

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